Gabon Government  




Gabon is a democracy with a popularly elected President. The President is the head of state, while the Prime Minister is the Head of government. Gabon has an independent bicameral parliament
President Bongo, El Hadj Omar
Vice President Di Ndinge, Didjob Divungi
Prime Minister Ntoutoume-Emane, Jean-Francois
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Town and Country Planning Metogho, Emmanuel Ondo
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the City Miyakou, Antoine de Padoue Mboumbou
Min. of State for Agriculture, Livestock, & Rural Development Moussavou, Pierre claver Maganga
Min. of State for Commerce and Industial Development Pendy-Bouyiki, Jean-Remy
Min. of State for Economy, Finance, Budget, & Privatization Toungui, Paul
Min. of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, & Francophonie Affairs Ping, Jean
Min. of State for Housing, Town Planning and Land Register Adiahenot, Jacques
Min. of State for Human Rights Abessole, Paul Mba
Min. of State for Planning and Development Programs Oye Mba, Casimir
Min. of State for Transportation and Civil Aviation Missambo, Paulette
Min. of Civil Service, Administrative Reform, and State Modernization Missongo, Desire Pascal
Min. of Communication, Postal Services, and Information Technologies Berre, Andre Dieudonne
Min. of Culture and Arts Amoughe Mba, Pierre
Min. of Defense Bongo, Ali-Ben
Min. of Family, Child Welfare, and Women's Affairs Ngoma, Angelique
Min. of Forest Economy, Water, Fishing, in charge of the Environment Doumba, Emile
Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Boukossou, Vincent Moulengui
Min. of Interior, Public Security, and Decentralization Ngari, Idriss
Min. of Justice Naki, Honorine Dossou
Min. of Labor & Employment Ivala, Clotaire Christian
Min. of Merchant Navy Siby, Felix
Min. of Mines, Energy, Oil, and Hydraulic Resources Onouviet, Richard
Min. of National Education Ono, Daniel Ona
Min. in Charge of Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesperson Obiang, Rene Ndemezo
Min. of Public Health Boukoubi, Faustin
Min. of Public Works, Equipment, and Construction Boundono, Egide
Min. of Small Enterprises Biyoghe-Mba, Paul
Min. of Social Affairs & National Solidarity Obame, Andre Mba
Min. of Tourism and Handicrafts Massima, Jean
Min. of Vocational Training and Social Rehabilitation Ndaki, Barnabe
Min. of Youth and Sports Mabika, Alfred
Dep. Min. of Public Works, Construction, and Equipment Maboumba, Frederoc Massavala
Dep. Min. of Economy, Finance, Budget, and Privatization Madoungou, Senturel Ngoma and Ndong, Jean Eyeghe
Min. Del. of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, & Francophonie Affairs Ndongou, Jean-Francois
Dep. Min. of Planning and Development Programs Assele-Ebinda, Yolanda
Dep. Min. to the Prime Minister for State Controls, Inspections, and Fight Against Poverty and Corruption Mabala, Martin
Dir., Central Bank Leyimangoye, Jean-Paul
Ambassador to the US Boundoukou-Latha, Paul
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Dangue-Rewaka, Denis